Esteban Céspedes

He received his doctoral degree in Philosophy from Goethe University, Frankfurt and has an academic position at the Philosophy Department of the Catholic University of the Maule (Talca, Chile). Also, he is a researcher at the Valparaíso Complex Systems Institute. His research is focused on topics related to the notions of context, meaning, causal explanation, emergence and representation.

Publications (selection)
  • Céspedes, E. & Fuentes, M. (2022). Infinite Semiosis and Dynamic Attraction Basins. The American Journal of Semiotics. (forthcoming)
  • Céspedes, E. & Baumann, P. (2022). Contextual causal dependence and causal contrastivism. Axiomathes.
  • Céspedes, E. (2021). A positivist criticism of positivist growth theory. Cinta de Moebio.
  • Céspedes, E., & Fuentes, M. (2020). Effective complexity: In which sense is it informative? Journal for General Philosophy of Science.
  • Céspedes, E. (2020). A contextualist approach to emergence. Principia: an international journal of epistemology.
  • Palacios, A., Escobar, M. & Céspedes, E. (2017). Is a Weak Notion of Representation not Compatible with a Contextualist and Enactivist Account of Perception? Constructivist Foundations.
Talks (selection)
  • «The mental, the scientific, the intuitive, and the real». VII Brazilian Society for Analytic Philosophy Conference. Rio de Janeiro. 2022.
  • «Contextualist contrastivism about causal claims». Fuhrmann/Kauss Kolloquium, Goethe Universität Frankfurt a.M. 2022.
  • «Valor ecológico, especismo y empatía basada en valores de primer orden». VII Congreso Nacional de Filosofía, Asociación Chilena de Filosofía. 2021.
  • «Decay of social hierarchical control through knowledge re-distribution». Critical Theory Workshop. 2020.