Medieval Philosophy and Logic – Research Axis

Head: Jean Paul Martínez

My research is focused on the works of logic of the English friar William of Ockham. My aim is to analyse the nature of the terms and propositions in his work and to study their influence on the theory of consequences, which is a key step towards the shaping of the notion of scientia during the late medieval period. In this regard, I examine the nature of the concept and the theory of supposition in the Nominalism of Logics to explore their implications on the History of Philosophy. Furthermore, I have studied Wittgenstein’s work. My main areas of study are:

  • Ockham’s Nominalism of Theology and its influence on the study of Physics in the 14th century.
  • The nature of concept as ipsamet intellectio and the theory of suppositio in William of Ockham’s work.
  • De Consequentiis in the late medieval logic.
  • The influence of Ockham’s logic on the notion of scientia in the 14th and 15th centuries.
  • The implications of Ockham’s logic on the History of Philosophy.
  • The Ethic in Wittgenstein Work’s.