Center for Studies in Philosophy, Logic and Epistemology

The CEFILOE (for its acronym in Spanish, Centro de Estudios en Filosofía, Lógica y Epistemología), is the center for advanced studies in Philosophy, Logic and Epistemology of the Instituto de Filosofía, Universidad de Valparaíso (UV), Chile.

Current Funded Research Projects

2022-2024 FONDECYT Regular No.1221132 «La generación inferencial de hipótesis en los procesos de modelización en ciencia desde un enfoque dinámico e interactivo». Head Researcher: Juan Redmond. Coinvestigators: Rolando Rebolledo and Rodrigo López Orellana.

2021-2024 FONDECYT Postdoctoral No. 3210531 «A pragmatic-philosophical approach to target-systems in biological systems modeling». Head Researcher: Rodrigo López Orellana.

Proyecto Milenio “Decentering Gender Inequalities” (ANID 2022). Associate Researcher: Alejandra Pérez. In charge of producing the “Decentering gender new media festival”, visualization of gender inequalities mindsets and of the sound installation “Listening to their voices” (together with Main Researcher Elisabeth Simbuerger).

Proyects funded by the National Agency for Research and Development (ANID, for its anachronism in Spanish), Chile.

The CEFILOE is home to the following research axes: