CeFiLoE is the research center which belongs to the Institute of Philosophy of the Faculty of Humanities of the University of Valparaíso (Chile), and its focus is on studies about Philosophy, Logic and Epistemology. CeFiLoE brings together an international and interdisciplinary team of integrated members and collaborators with affiliations in different institutions worldwide. Currently, the center carries out research activities related to specific thematic lines and aims to promote the development of Philosophy, Logic and Epistemology through the support and promotion of interdisciplinary training and research. Likewise, it aims to actively participate in research projects, to collaborate with national and international research teams, and to offer training and supervision for undergraduate and master’s degrees students, as well as for doctoral and post-doctoral fellows.


  • Promote and develop research excellence in Philosophy, Logic and Epistemology in line with international best practices, as well as production of results with national and international impact.
  • Implement and develop research projects with internal and external funding (Conicyt – Fondecyt – DIUV).
  • Promote and strengthen fruitful links between different scientific disciplines by creating a space for philosophical discussion on borderline and convergent themes.
  • To create strong links between the research domain and the undergraduate and postgraduate education domain.
  • To disseminate research outcomes by establishing channels of communication with civil society through continuous information exchange and open discussions in the realms of the new social challenges and tasks linked with contemporary science outputs, whereas Philosophy, Logic and Epistemology can contribute to a reciprocal understanding.
  • To promote and carry out initiatives aimed at improving undergraduate and postgraduate education and lifelong education in topics related to their own vocational areas of interest.
  • To encourage cooperation with Universities, Institutes and similar Research Centre’s nationally and internationally, as well as the exchange of specialized academics and the dissemination of knowledge in the realms of social and human sciences.